Amplifier Components and Wiring


A few notes about the amplifier:

  • if you are mounting the amplifier to the side of your enclosure, you can leave the potentiometer and eighth inch jack as is. Otherwise, desolder the potentiometer and attach leads (wires) long enough to reach your chosen mounting location inside of your enclosure.
  • for the input, you can either buy an 1/8″ stereo to dual 1/4″ cable like this one, or desolder the input jack and solder wires directly to 1/4″ input jacks.
  • the amplifier has three screw terminals that look like this:

to attach wires to the terminals unscrew the screws on top and insert the wires into the holes on the side. then screw the top screws back down, which will lock the wires in place (no soldering!)




We’ll be using rechargeable TalentCell 12v Lithium batteries which should have enough charge to power your amplifiers for a few hours. The battery goes inside of your enclosure. ┬áCut one of the barrel plugs (save it!) and attach the two leads to the amplifier (mind the positive and negative leads!). Then take that cut barrel plug and solder it to the power jack that you have install in the side of your enclosure. You can plug that plug right into the jack of the V cable! Eventually you will connect the last plug to the battery.

Power socket wiring

connect the positive lead of the cut barrel plug to terminal # 1, and connect the other lead to terminal 3. use solder to connect terminals 2 and 3.



Connecting your speaker(s) is pretty straightforward. solder wire to each lead of the speaker you are using and attach the other side of the wires to the amplifier output screw terminals (OutL and/or OutR)

Input Hardware

1/4″ audio jacks (recommended)

The 1/4″ input jacks we are using are wired with the signal going to the positive/tip terminal and the ground wire soldered to the negative or sleeve terminal. The diagram above will help you determine which terminal is positive and which is negative.

switching 1/4″ audio jacks (medium/advanced)



Putting it all together