The links below include software, hardware, and technical resources relevant to sound objects and environments. There is no correct set of tools for working with sound and you will eventually develop a workflow that makes sense to you, but these links are here as a survey, a starting place, and perhaps motivation to try a few techniques that are currently outside of your comfort zone.

Sound / Audio Tools

DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations)

free / inexpensive

  • Reaper – multitrack editor (Mac or Windows)
  • Ardour – multitrack editor (Mac or Windows)
  • Audacity –  simple audio editor (Mac or Windows)
  • Renoise – a slightly different DAW paradigm (Mac or Windows)

commercial / not free

audio programming environments

free / inexpensive audio effects

miscellaneous audio tools


local stores

online diy stores

  • Adafruit | electronic kits, modules, and other components
  • SparkFun | modules and parts for electronic prototyping
  • Solarbotics | motors and a range of other components as well
  • ServoCity | Robotics, motors, drivers, etc
  • Robotshop | Robot Kits and Components
  • Pololu | More motors and drivers

large electronics companies

Materials & Supplies

Local Art Supplies

Local Craft Supplies

  • Urban Source | recycled craft materials – relatively inexpensive
  • Dressew | Sewing/fabric/knitting/etc. Huge selection, dirt cheap!
  • Yoko YaYa | Tinseltown Mall. dollar store
  • Daiso | giant dollar store
  • Michaels | everything craft-related, but is expensive.
  • DeSerres | general craft store

local materials

online materials

local hardware stores

Digital Fabrication

companies / software / resources

digital fabrication materials

  • Inventables | Acrylic, woods,  vaneer, etc.
  • RepRaper |  cheap filament, parts, and electronics for 3D printers.
  • OpenBeam USA | mechanical bits and pieces
  • McMaster Carr | Large catalog of engineering components.
  • Misumi USA | Another giant catalog of components.

Reading / Fun / Miscellaneous