DIY Musical Controllers

SOFT REVOLVERS from Myriam Bleau on Vimeo.

Teensy LC



We will be using the Teensy LC micro-controller to create an interface with at least:

  • 1 button (digital input)
  • 1 switch (digital input)
  • 1 dial (analog input)
  • 1 photoresistor (analog input)
  • 1 LED (digital output)

We’ll be initially be using just the 2 digital inputs, 2 analog inputs, and 1 digital output. Without changing the Arduino code, the Teensy 2.0 can handle 6 analog inputs, 12 digital inputs, and 5 digital outputs. So, you can expand your instrument if you’d like.

To get started you will need some free software…

  • First download the Teensy Loader — open and move to applications.
  • Next download and install the Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) version 1.6.6 and install.
  • Download the Teensyduino program and follow the installation instructions.
  • Last, download the arduino sketch and max patch here

how to connect different sensors to microcontroller…

first, set up your power (VCC) and ground (Gnd) rails



note the locations of the different pin types on the Teensy.



connect a momentary button or a switch (both digital inputs, same wiring)


connect a photoresistor (analog input)

connect a potentiometer (analog input)



connect an LED (Digital Output)