Introduction & Overview
welcome to electronic arts & crafts
  • why arts & crafts? learning by doing. thinking with our hands.
  • course structure and syllabus
  • about the Wilson Maker Lab
  • what are we trying to accomplish this semester?
    • develop a practical understanding of sound and acoustics
    • build our own technologies for producing and manipulating sound.
    • learn the basics of physical computing and digital fabrication
  • a very simple sound circuit…
no class on thursday the 24th
to do for next tuesday
  • Purchase Handmade Electronic Music by Nic Collins. This will be our textbook for the course, supplemented by online and pdf readings. Nic’s introduction has inspired many to dive into the realm of noisy circuits and singing electrons.
  • Read the Introduction to Deep Listening by Pauline Oliveros (skim/reread if you have read it before).
  • Read “Why I Am Not a Maker” by Deb Chachra
  • Comment on the readings here. Just a short paragraph reflecting on the readings and/or your classmates responses. Your comments don’t need to be comprehensive or cover everything. Choose ideas that resonate with you and inspire further questions.
  • Create your blog page and send me the link {subject: sonic arts blog}
  • Find/salvage/buy a box or case for your portable speaker. Keep in mind:
    • portability (think about reusing something designed for portability like a suitcase or instrument case)
    • rigidity (it’s difficult to mount a speaker into cardboard, but it’s equally difficult to work with a hard metal case).